If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering who I am and why the photo is one of me eating so without further adieu *insert drum roll please*


Hi! I’m Amira’ (Uh-meer-ah) and I figured I should use a photo that best describes me because I’m literally known for dancing while I eat because food makes me happy and it’s one of my most favorite things in life. Like most young adults I wear many hats. I’m a wife, godmother, aunt, sister, daughter and that’s just a snippet. Well in 2018, I was also supposed to be a mother. My husband and I were expecting our very first child and were excited as you’d imagine but we became Angel parents instead. Don’t worry there’ll be a blog post at some point for the more nosey folks (no offense I am a nosey one too).


To say that was a rough season is an understatement. I literally lost myself and it seemed like there would never be a way to come back from that experience. I had to do some serious soul searching and I’m talking serious. I tried therapy, yoga, reiki, crystals and a bunch of other things to help heal my mind, body and spirit.


I fought hard to find myself again after that experience, to go back to being a good wife, a good friend and a good employee but I was broken and couldn’t fix myself. After an empowering sexy photo and video shoot, my husbands support, awesome family/friends and a ton of self care, I got through it and I’ve never felt more light. I had to learn how to take care of Amira’ and put me first or I wouldn’t be able to function or be anything to anyone else.


It’s my hope that you put you first as I have learned to do. Unbothered Goddess is my current state of mind and it represents the light at the end of the tunnel after losing our first child. My brand isn’t just a brand, it’s a positive, unbothered lifestyle. I am an Unbothered Goddess and you can be too.


Live Life Unbothered…


Unbothered Goddess

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