10 Things You Should Know About the Unbothered Goddess Brand

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Every woman should feel like an Unbothered Goddess

Now that you’ve discovered the Unbothered Goddess brand, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about?

What exactly sets this brand apart from others? What is an Unbothered Goddess? The most important thing you need to know is this isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

This lifestyle is one I personally live and want to encourage other woman to live as well. My brand is all about being strong, confident and unbothered by the negatives that seem to drag us down. My brand is about all the traits unbothered goddesses share.

1. Self-Care Is Always A Priority

Let me ask you something. When was the last time you did something just for you? I’m not talking about things you do to make others happy. If you have to really think about it, you’re like most other women. We’re always working so hard to make others happy and care for those we love. While all that’s great, it’s impossible to care for others when you don’t care for yourself. Unbothered Goddess is all about self-care and making yourself a priority.

2. Give Yourself Permission To Love Yourself

You’ve probably heard that you need to love yourself before you can love others, but what it should say is you need to give yourself permission to love yourself to fully let love in. All those self doubts and fears about your appearance, quirks, hobbies and more all lead to destructive negative feelings. You’re perfect just as you are. Never let others bring you down. Love your hair, your skin, your body, your laugh, your smile and everything else that makes you you.

3. Saying No Is A Good Thing

The word “no” isn’t a bad word. Go ahead, say it. I used to have a hard time with this. I wanted to be there for everyone, but constantly saying “yes” wasn’t working out for me. I was tired, stressed and often in situations that weren’t in my best interests. If it’s something that truly makes you uncomfortable or isn’t right for you, just say “no.” Trust me, you’ll love how great it feels to take back control.

4. Keep A Positive Mindset

The Unbothered Goddess is all about staying positive. Believe it or not, your mindset is the foundation for everything else in your life. If you believe nothing good can happen in your life, you’ll have tons of negative things happen. When you start to think more positively, good things happen instead. Just having a more positive mindset does wonders for decreasing stress. Go ahead and give yourself a compliment right now and see how great it feels!

5. Worry About Yourself Because No One Else Will

Despite how much you worry about others, it’s important to worry about yourself too. The old saying that you should worry about yourself because no one else will isn’t entirely true, but all it takes is the right situation to show you that people you thought you could depend on can turn their backs on you at the drop of a hat. Remember, self-care is important so worry about what you need first.

6. Failing Is Perfectly Okay

Stop freaking out every time you fail. It happens to every single person many times over. From small failures to major issues, failure does happen. Whether it’s failing a test in college or getting a divorce, you may not always succeed at everything. This is how we learn and grow. It’s also how you finally make it as a successful woman. With failure ultimately comes success if you keep trying.

7. Follow Your Dreams

YOLO is something we should all remember. We only get one life, so stop living it for everyone else. As an Unbothered Goddess, you should follow your dreams and passions. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Don’t wait. Don’t just dream about it, start living your dreams today.

8. Live Without Regrets

Regrets don’t really serve a purpose outside of driving you insane. I used to struggle with this. After all, regrets hold tighter than super glue. It’s time to forgive yourself, learn what you can from what happened and move on. It’s not worth it and living with regrets won’t make the past go away.

9. Live Your Life Unbothered

When you let all the negative energy bother you, all it does it take away your energy. Getting angry over something stupid someone said about you only hurts you, not them. It’s time to live just like my brand – unbothered. Let the negative wash right off your shoulders and replace it with unbothered, positive thoughts and vibes.

10. Protect Your Peace

You’ll encounter people, jobs and situations that threaten one of the most important things in your life – your peace. Nothing is worth losing this over. Your peace is what helps give you energy, strength, confidence and a positive mindset. Guard it at all costs and when something threatens it, let that part of your life go. It’s just not worth it.

This is what my brand is about and I can’t wait for you to start living an unbothered life today!

Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s been where you are

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