8 Fun Ideas For A Girls Night Out

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Every woman needs a great girls’ night out sometimes!

I don’t know where I’d be without the occasional girls’ night out. I love my ladies and think of them like sisters.

Sure, I love hanging out with my husband and family, but as you know, there’s something special about girl time. The best part is this time is all about self-care and doing something that’s fun for you and your friends.

Not sure what to do? No problem, I got you covered. From free to a special splurge, try these eight ideas for your next girls’ night.

1. A Simple Potluck

If all of you like to cook, why not alternate having a girls’ night at each person’s home and everyone bring a dish. This means no one has to spend forever cooking and you get an extra cheap dinner with your friends. You’re free to talk, enjoy great food and watch a good movie. Basically, just relax and have fun together.

2. Elegant Restaurant

Hate cooking or just want to get out for a while? No problem. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant and get all dressed up. There’s something very empowering about dressing your best. However, most of us keep those special outfits in the back of our closets. It’s time to break out them out for your next girls’ night.

3. Plan A Spa Day

Need some major pampering? So do your friends. While it might be a bit of a splurge, plan a spa day together. Get special treatments and deep tissue massages. Let out all your stress while you talk with your friends. Personally, I love doing this and always feel so much better afterwards. If you really want to splurge, opt for a full spa weekend at a nice resort.

4. Go To A Concert

Okay, so I love music too, so this is always a great idea for me. If you love music, why not plan to go to a local club to see some live music? For a cheaper night, go to shows with local acts or splurge a little and go to a major concert. Listening to the music you love in person is amazing.

5. Rent A Limousine

I know it might seem like a bit much for a girls’ night out, but trust me, you’ll love it! YOLO! It’s something you’ll want to do once, like when your best friend is visiting from out of town or even if you’re both local. Plan a night filled with different activities and locations. Then, split a limousine rental to take you and your friends from place to place. It’s ideal if you want to have some drinks and not worry about calling an Uber or having a designated driver. Plus, it’s something so special that you’ll feel like a pampered princess or the goddess you are.

6. Take A Class Together

Want to learn to be a better cook? Want to decorate your walls with amazing artwork? Gather the girls and take a class together. After all, learning something new is always fun to do. I’m always learning and absolutely love it! Talk with each other and pick things everyone is interested in. Local community centers and community colleges often offer classes for free or for less than $50 per person.

7. Wine Tasting

Okay, so this one can actually be several different types of girls’ nights. You could go to a standard wine tasting event, like an outdoor festival or something at your local bar. Or, you could go to a sip and paint. In these, you get to sample wines while learning to paint.

Another great option is art shows that also host wine tastings. If you’re into art, why not mix art and wine for a fun, relaxing time with the girls?

8. Dance And Sing

I’m definitely a major fan of this one. I love just letting loose and singing and dancing. Pick your favorite club, get the girls together and dance the night away. If it has karaoke, that’s always a bonus. Let go (grab some liquid courage if you want to) and sing your heart out.

Of course, if you’re running low on funds or just don’t want to go sing in public, host your own party. Use free karaoke apps to sing with just your friends or dim the lights, stream your favorite playlist, dance and laugh the night away.

You always do so much for others. It’s time to do something fun for yourself. Make girls’ night a regular thing. With so many different things to do, you’ll never be bored and you’ll find you’re much happier and less stressed as a result.

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Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s been where you are

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