9 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Like An Unbothered Goddess Daily

I know this whole covid-19 (corona virus) has some of my ladies feeling very bothered and the fact is this situation is scary and uncomfortable for many. I just want you to know that it doesn't have to be. Focus your energy on being present with your loved ones and friends right now. That will help center, ground and re-focus you. That said, are you ready to feel like the Unbothered Goddess you truly are? I believe every woman has the right to feel good about herself, feel less stressed and wake up every day knowing she can handle anything.

I know life can be hard, but I’ve realized that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of everything else in your life.

All it takes is some new daily habits to make you feel amazing. Personally, I think a self-care routine is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Whether you're stuck in the house right now or not, this can help you.

1. Spend 10 Minutes On Your Favorite Hobby

I’m not going to tell you to do a certain hobby. After all, I’m sure I have hobbies that plenty of other people absolutely hate and vice versa. But, don’t let your hobbies fall to the wayside for work, family and so on. Instead, schedule in at least 10 minutes to spend doing whatever it is you love. You can do craft with what ever you have on hand, play music, dance, cook, learn a new language or something. Whatever makes you happy.

Can't think of a good hobby? Take a look at some of these lists and I’m sure you’ll find something that's right up your alley:

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2. Take A Spa Break

This might sound impossible, but you don’t actually have to go to a spa even though it’s a nice treat every once in a while. Instead, light a scented candle or warm your favorite essential oil, lock yourself in your bedroom or bathroom and relax. Take a shower or a hot bath. Rub on your favorite lotion and feel like a goddess. Just taking 20-30 minutes makes a major difference. I know some of you even have kids at home right now, depending on their age, you can make this a shared experience or better yet wait until it's nap time or they're asleep for the night to fully enjoy your time.

3. Meditate

Meditation has gotten more popular in recent years, but it’s not just some crazy trend. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started, but I can’t even begin to tell you how much it’s helped with my stress management. I feel more centered, grounded, confident and calm. If you only have a minute, you can meditate. It’s an amazing way to start and/or end your day. If you're like me, you may only get one chance during the day and that's ok.

Try these guides to help you get started:

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4. Exercise At Least A Little

If you hate exercise, you might be rolling your eyes at me, but give it a chance. I’m not saying you have to exercise 30-60 minutes a day, everyday or run until you're soaked with sweat. Just get up and move. Dance through a few commercial breaks if you watch t.v. (fun fact I don't watch t.v.). Add some yoga poses to your morning routine or before you go to sleep. Go for a quick walk. Getting out in the sun for even 10 minutes a day can make you feel better.

5. Have Dedicated Personal Time

Put your phone down, take a break from work and have dedicated personal time. This can be time just for yourself or quality time with your loved ones. Be sure to separate your work and personal life every day. Work/Life balance is important. Pulling away from work stress every day is important for your mental health and overall well being. For some affected by forced shutdowns and worksite closings, this is the time to focus on your personal development while you're home.

6. Journal The Stress Away

It’s hard to be an Unbothered Goddess when stress is weighing you down. My solution – journal the stress away. Grab a journal, a pen and start writing. Just let it all out. It's so therapeutic. Don’t worry about your handwriting or grammar. Literally, just write. It’s an amazing form of therapy and no one ever has to know what you write.

7. Talk To Loved Ones

Your family and friends are in your life for a reason. Take the time to talk to the ones you love every day. You don’t have to talk to everyone, but tell your spouse you love them. Give your children a hug and ask about their day. Call your best friend just to say “hey.” Always remember that you have people who love you. That simple fact might make you feel better, stronger and loved.

8. Get The Sleep You Deserve

Okay, so I know this isn’t always possible. I’ve been there. I'm there some days with our 3 month old. I still don’t get a full 7-9 hours every night; however, I do what I can to make sure I get as much sleep as I can and sleep deeply. I meditate, journal out my stress and wind down with our baby girl before going to sleep. By the time our daughter is ready to go down, so am I most nights. I’m ready to fall asleep much faster and feel more rested.

9. Read Something You Enjoy

Reading is fun, but only if you’re reading something you like. I don’t care if it’s a bestseller or a graphic novel. Take 5-10 minutes to read and let your mind escape for a little while. It’s kind of like meditation and watching TV all in one.

It’s time to unleash your inner Unbothered Goddess. Start adding some positive self-care habits to your daily routine and watch your life change for the better.

Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s right where you are

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