A Letter To Our Daughter

Our Sweet Rainbow Baby

To Our Zuri Girl,

I never knew it was possible to love someone so much, especially when I'm just getting to meet you.

You’ve been a part of our lives for nine months already, but to actually get to see you and hold you in our arms is the most amazing experience anyone could ever hope for.

Seeing your beautiful, innocent face proves that we picked the perfect name for you. At first, we spent months trying to figure out what name could possibly fit for you, but for some reason the letter Z kept drawing me back to it. It's such a strong letter and I love that about it. Thanks to a baby name app, we finally found and agreed on Zuri. I can’t get over how well it fits you. It means “beautiful” in Swahili, which you definitely are and always will be inside and out.

Of course, we weren't done with names yet because you still needed a middle name. You can thank your grandmother and my friends for Kyomi. During the baby shower, my mom suggested the guests all write down a name and its meaning on a rose petal and drop it in a jar. When we started going through the names, Kyomi immediately won our hearts. The friends who picked it were actually friends from middle school. I pray one day you have friends that stay by your side throughout the years like mine have. Every time I look at you, I see how well Kyomi fits you beautifully because it means “pure” in Japanese. So, you’re our beautiful, pure daughter and it fits you so well.

I want you to know that you’ve been loved and prayed for not just by us, but by everyone who cares and loves us as well. Family, friends and co-workers have all been praying for you throughout the entire pregnancy (some even before) and send you all their love and best wishes too. Just know as you’re first starting out, you have so many people already on your side and loving all on you.

We have so many hopes for you baby girl. I hope that you grow to have a naturally beautiful spirit and that you’ll always be pure in your intentions. We hope we raise you well and show you that life is what ever you want it to be. Never worry Zuri, we’re always here to guide you throughout your life and catch you whenever you stumble. We can’t wait to teach you and help you become the amazing woman we know you’ll be.

I know you’re just a small bundle right now, but you’re already everything we could’ve ever dreamed of. I can’t help but look at you and imagine all the things you’ll do as you grow. Right now, I’m holding a little girl that’ll change the lives of everyone she meets and even change the world.

We’ve spoken life into you the entire time I was pregnant and we’ll continue to speak life into you everyday. I can’t wait to hear your first words and watch you take your first steps. Just know that we’re right here with you every step of the way. We’re going to read to you as much as humanly possible to introduce you to the world and grow your imagination because knowledge is power. There’s just so much I can’t wait to show you and teach you. I know that along the way, you’ll teach us both so much more.

While I already knew you were a long little girl (amazing kicking skills by the way, so maybe you might be a runner or soccer player and I just had a feeling from the start that you were a girl), I never imagined just how beautiful and perfect you’d be. My hopes and dreams were far exceeded the moment you were born. One day, you’ll see your birth video and the pictures of me and your father’s faces when we first saw you and you’ll see just how much we’ve always loved you.

To our little peanut Zuri, the world is yours for the taking. We’ll do everything we can to shield you from the pain and negativity the world tries to throw at you. I know you’ll grow to be a strong, beautiful and pure child, teen and woman. You have our hearts and love forever. For now, I’m just going to watch in amazement as you sleep peacefully in my arms and on my chest.

Love Always,

Mommy & Daddy

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