Adult Coloring - Self-Care That Takes You Back To Childhood

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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Seriously, who doesn’t like coloring!

I wouldn’t exactly call myself an artist, but I absolutely love coloring. There’s a reason why kids have so many coloring books. It’s fun!

Outside of “color inside the lines,” I can’t really think of any rules involved. Finally, adults don’t have to steal a child’s coloring books for some fun stress relief.

I can’t tell you how happy I am for the adult coloring book trend. It's seriously about time! It’s like going back to a care-free childhood, at least for a little while.

Color Away Your Stress

First of all, I love the wide variety of adult coloring books available. From just simple images to complex mandalas to my favorite, the curse word coloring book (yes I have a curse word coloring book because life), there’s something for everybody and every skill level. All this variety makes it even easier to color away your stress. Do you ever remember coloring as a child? You got so focused on making the picture come alive that you didn’t care about anything else.

That’s what coloring does for me as an adult and what it can do for you too! When you’re busy choosing your colors and making the picture look just right, you’re not thinking about deadlines at work, your child's tantrums or an illness you’re battling.

A Great Form Of Therapy

While studies have shown that adult coloring books aren’t technically art therapy, they are considered therapeutic. Other experts feel the same way. Those experts go a step further to explain why these seemingly simple coloring books feel like real therapy..

Stress and anxiety wreak havoc on your mind. You can’t focus, you feel fidgety and you just want to get away from it all. Adult coloring books are a welcome escape. You get to color on your own terms. Since it’s something you enjoy, you start to focus and let go of all those negative feelings, even if it’s just for five minutes. Taking back that control helps you feel more in control overall and less stressed.

In fact, therapists agree that if you enjoy it, use it as a form of self-care therapy. I didn’t really need a therapist to tell me that it works, but it’s always great to have the experts back me up. For me, if something works and isn’t harmful in any way, do it. All I risk with coloring is a cramp in my fingers now and then. I can handle that.

Get lost in a coloring book...

The Many Health Benefits

Okay, so I talked about stress relief, but that’s not all that adult coloring helps with. In fact, some people consider it a form of meditation. Some other benefits I’ve experienced and I’ve heard others talk about include:

· Feeling more relaxed after a long day or stressful situation

· Making you feel more creative

· Revisiting childhood

· Feeling more comfortable with yourself

· Engaging your entire brain

Not only do you feel better, but you get to create a pretty picture. It’s a win-win!

Finding The Right Adult Coloring Book

As you know, I’m all about self-care. And yes, adult coloring books are part of my Unbothered Goddess self-care plan. I love that they’re inexpensive and keep me occupied for hours. All you need is a coloring book and something to color with.

Personally, I love colored pencils. They’re easier to work with for those finer pictures, but you can also use crayons or pens. You don’t have to invest in high-end coloring supplies either. Just use what works best for you. It’s all kind of a personal preference.

I also think choosing an adult coloring book all depends on what appeals most to you. From flowers and animals to mandalas and quotes, there’s something for every single interest. You can even color Disney princesses and Harry Potter beasts. If you're like me, a curse word coloring book may be a little more your speed.

If you’re not sure where to start first, here are some I recommend to help relieve your stress and make you feel more like a worry-free child again:

· Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt And Coloring Book (there are others in this series too)

· Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

· Adult Coloring Books Good Vibes – Don’t Give Up (inspirational quote coloring books are cool)

· Adult Coloring Book: Butterflies and Flowers

· Coloring Book For Adults: Amazing Swirls

· The Art of Mandala: Adult Coloring Book Featuring Beautiful Mandalas to Soothe The Soul (mandalas are great for stress relief)

A true Unbothered Goddess always takes time to take care of herself. Add coloring to your self-care routine. It’s simple, easy and makes you feel so incredibly relaxed!

Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s been where you are

Top Image: ponce_photography

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