Creating A Stress Free Bedroom On Any Budget

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Create a stress free bedroom that helps take you away from it all.

Where’s the one room where you go to de-stress the most often? The bedroom of course! However, it’s not always a peaceful haven like you need.

This is why I talked to my husband and he agreed to let my aunt, who’s an interior designer, help us create a stress free bedroom. I now think of it as my vacation oasis.

I think everyone needs a room to relax and get away from it all. Think of it as a staycation room. The good news is you don’t need a massive budget to create a stress free place.

Touring My Stress Free Bedroom

Before I get into tips for creating your own stress free bedroom, I’d like to give you a quick tour of my aunt’s amazing work. She worked an absolute miracle in giving me the vacation room of my dreams while staying within the budget my husband and I agreed to.

My main requirements were I wanted a room that was positive, uplifting and relaxing to help me clear my mind and getaway for a few hours. We didn’t really have the time to go off on relaxing vacations, so I wanted to make our bedroom feel like a vacation oasis inside our home.

I love elephants and how they represent strength, yet seem so peaceful at the same time. That’s why I have a simple elephant print hanging on the wall and on one of our bed pillows. The bed is the centerpiece of the room. Frankly, I wanted the entire room to be minimal and uncluttered.

Above each nightstand is hanging globe light that radiates a soft, warm glow and kind of gives me an Arabian nights feeling. These not only illuminate the room, but draw attention to two of my favorite photos, our wedding and our trip to Hawaii. For me, this creates an atmosphere of healing, positivity and peace.

Next is the bed area. Our headboard is kind of a bold tribal/mandala design against a deep blue wall. Blue’s my favorite color and it brings me such a sense of calm. The bed itself is accented in blue with plenty of pillows, even those get tossed to the floor during bed time.

To create a more natural space, I opted for sheer curtains to wake naturally as the sun rises. Plus, it helps light my meditation corner of pillows, a blanket, my coloring books and journals. I also added plants above my meditation corner and near the door to let more nature in and increase oxygen in the room, even though I’m terrible at taking care of them.

My final two pieces – a large floor length mirror and a lighted fountain. The fountain just sounds amazing and instantly helps me feel better. The mirror is to help me see myself more clearly and accept who I am. It’s also a great place for inspirational messages sometimes.

Creating Your Own Stress Free Bedroom

Okay, now that you’ve gotten some insight into my bedroom and how it helps reduce stress, I want to give you a few tips for creating your own. When creating your own space, remember the following:

- Keep it clean and simple – less clutter is good for the mind

- Use minimal artwork that inspires and helps calm you

- Remove electronic distractions, like TVs, computers, phones, etc.

- Add a few easy to care for plants

- Opt for soft lighting versus bright or fluorescent

- Allow for natural light, if possible

- Use a calming color for an accent wall (blues, soft greens and light purples work well)

- Add a nature sound or music feature – soothing sounds relax the mind and body

- Add a few happy accents, such as pictures or colorful pillows

- Add a floor length mirror – learn to see yourself as a strong, confident, amazing Unbothered Goddess!

I’m not saying your bedroom needs to look just like mine, but take the time to create a space that helps you de-stress. All it takes is a few changes and some spring cleaning to create an amazing bedroom that feels like a vacation every time you step in it.

I can honestly say, this is a great idea for couples too! Having a calm place to for both of you to relax together helps you grow stronger as a couple.

Okay, now start planning your vacation oasis or stress free bedroom! You deserve it!

Be sure to check out Unbothered Goddess on YouTube for the full room tour of our oasis.

Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s been where you are

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