The Story Behind Unbothered Goddess

...Live Life Unbothered...

Inside every woman is a goddess just waiting to break free.

First and foremost, welcome! I’m honored you’ve found your way to my humble boutique and lifestyle brand. I’m sure you’re curious to find out more about the name and how this all came to be.

For me, this has been an absolutely incredible journey that has transformed me into someone I’ve always dreamed of being. This brand isn’t just about clothes, it’s about an entire empowering lifestyle based on self-care.

If you’re looking to uncover your own inner goddess filled with strength, confidence and courage, you’re in the right place and I’m excited to help us all become unbothered goddesses.

A Dark Tunnel, Searching For The Light

Long before Unbothered Goddess was a blip on my radar, I went through one of the darkest periods of my life and honestly, one of the worst experiences a woman and couple could ever face. It’s taken time for me to heal and be able to share this part of my life with the world. But, I’m so close to becoming the woman I want to be that it’s time to share my most painful experience in the hope that it’ll help others see that you can make it through and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had recently started a job that frankly I was excited about. Sadly, that incredible adventure I was looking forward to turned into nothing but stress and frustration. It was definitely not what I was told initially and it placed a huge weight on my shoulders at the time. I had just left a job I was no longer interested in and somehow the “grass is greener on the other side” job turned out to be more stressful.

Not long after that, my husband and I were blessed to find out we were expecting our first child. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a parent or already have kids, you know how that moment fills you with a joy that’s unlike any other. At first, everything was going great. We went to our appointments and got nothing but good news. For reasons I’ll never understand, we never made it past our “safe mark.” There are no words to explain how absolutely devastated we were to discover we weren’t going to be parents after anymore.That had to of been the absolute longest car ride home ever.

At that point, our lives turned upside down. I tried turning to my friends, but some of them just couldn't be what I needed them to be for me in those moments. I quickly found out who my true friends were and even some of those I thought I could count on no matter what, faded away from my life. It all seemed like entirely too much to deal with.

Uncovering The Light

It was a dark time and I never thought I’d find any light in my life again. My husband and I struggled to deal with the grief of losing our child, try to help fix each other and ourselves and somehow step back out into the real world as if nothing had ever happened.

I started fighting the hardest battle of my life – trying to find myself again. I wanted to go back to being a good friend, worker and wife. Yet, no matter what I did, I felt like I was being stretched impossibly thin. I gave up on things I once loved, like working out. I felt broken and didn’t know how to fix myself.

Just when I was ready to fall back into the black hole, my life started to turn around. I had decided to tap back into an old passion to stay afloat. It was dance. That led me to hiring a choreographer to help me execute an amazingly empowering and sexy photo/video shoot that showed me the fierce goddess that was still inside me. Thanks to the support from a few unbelievably amazing friends, some awesome teammates, my loving family and the most perfect husband in the world, the weight on my shoulders started to lighten.

I began practicing more self-care and started letting any negativity just float right by me instead of weighing me down. I started looking into minimalism to free up both my mental and physical space. It’s been like a breath of fresh air and has been one of the catalysts to launching this brand.

Unbothered Goddess Is Born

I wanted to help women understand that making sure they took time for themselves was not selfish but necessary. I wanted women to know that it's perfectly fine to give ourselves permission to love on ourselves without feeling guilty. This led to the creation of a lifestyle brand and online clothing boutique to accompany it. It literally only took me 10 minutes to come up with the name Unbothered Goddess. After all, it described my current state of mind. I feel so close to being an Unbothered Goddess and it’s not about just clothes, but creating a more peaceful, empowered lifestyle.

My boutique may eventually offer everyday clothes along with custom branded Unbothered Goddess products to always remind you of who you really are, no matter what darkness is in your life. My logo stands for Strength, Confidence, Positive Vibes, Courage and Boldness while still remaining soft and feminine. I want nothing more than to help women through their journey to become stronger, fearless and care less about the negative things in life. I want them to look and feel fabulous and finally reach a state of complete happiness and positivity. I want you to be the best version of yourself and never deny it.

-Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who’s been where you are

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