Weight Training - Work Off Stress And Feel Great

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Work away your stress having fun just training or with weights.

I think all of us have heard at one point or another that exercise is great for stress relief. Plus, it helps you to feel and even look better.

I believe it’s important to do something you enjoy though. For me, I love weight training and Crossfit. While I know it might not be for everybody, it’s worth trying out.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like it at first, but weight training is a surprisingly fun way to work off my stress and help me feel better. Besides, I feel stronger and more like an Unbothered Goddess in every way while I’m doing it.

Girls Can Lift Too

More Than Just Physical Fitness

While I will get into the physical benefits, I’m more interested in sharing how weight training affects your emotional and mental well-being. Honestly, it’s just not a benefit most people think about. Sadly, women also still think about weights as just something guys do.

I’m here to tell you differently. Weight training is perfect for women!

Regular exercise in general has been proven to help reduce stress by decreasing overall stress hormones in the body. Exercise also releases endorphins to help you feel good. Think of it as that great feeling you get when you get to eat your favorite food, but without any guilt over calories.

Studies have also shown that any type of repetitive exercise that targets a large muscle group works great for relieving stress and clearing your mind. Hence, why weight training helps.

Another reason I love weight training – it feels almost like meditation in a way. Yes, I know that’s not something you’d usually associate with weights, but you have to stay focused on what your body is doing. As you continue working with the weights, you’re able to clear your mind, release negative thoughts and let yourself slip into a meditative state. It’s this strange, yet amazing mixture of exhilarating and relaxing.

Helps Your Mind

Aerobic and resistance training, aka weight training or strength training, have been proven as effective ways to improve cognitive function. This is why so many successful people make exercise part of their daily routine. It’s also why seniors are encouraged to exercise, within their limits of course. Even something as simple as lifting light weights regularly can help reduce degenerative brain conditions and improve overall brain function.

I think I can safely say we’d all love to have a healthier and stronger mind, right?

Engages Body And Mind

Weight training is one of the more effective exercises for engaging both the body and mind. That’s why I love it. I’m not just working out my body, but my mind too.

In fact, circuit training is highly recommended since it combines cardio and weight training. You not only burn more calories, but get rid of more stress too. Personally, I enjoy Crossfit since I get in my cardio while throwing weights around. Can you say ultimate stress relief for a much more relaxed and friendly version of yourself?

Boost Your Physical Health

Okay, so I can’t talk about weight training without mentioning the physical benefits. Guess what? Those benefits tie back into the emotional and mental well-being I mentioned earlier.

Weight or strength training helps you see physical results faster. It’s not just about weight loss either. In fact, you might actually gain weight, but don’t freak out on me! The weight you gain is muscle since you’re strengthening your muscles.

As you do this regularly, you see results quicker. You might notice you’re getting stronger, even if your muscles feel a little like rubber to start with. Your waistline might shrink a little bit and you notice a healthier glow to your skin. You know what happens as you notice all these positive results?

You feel better about yourself. You see that you have more control over how you look and feel and that ladies is a wonderful feeling!

As I said before, you’ll get the most benefits by doing something you enjoy. So, if you try weight training and hate it, try something else. Take a dance class, try Tai Chi, do yoga or just go for a daily walk. My personal recommendation is to do something with a friend or meet new people in a class. It just makes it even more fun and reduces your stress more.

Okay goddesses, it’s homework time. Go out and find a physical activity you enjoy. I’m partial to weight training, so try it out and see what you think. Whatever you choose, do it regularly and you will feel more like the goddess you truly are.

Signed – The Unbothered Goddess, a woman who loves to lift

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