Honor yourself by choosing to put yourself first sometimes so you can be a better parent.


How Often Do You Give Yourself the Same Love You Give To Others?


Mama, you work so hard! You give all that you can and then some. You stress over your child’s well-being, academic future, and feelings. You pour yourself into your kids, wanting only the best. I ask you to stop for a moment and reflect on this question: How often do you treat yourself with the same love you give to your kids? To your significant other? To family and loved ones? 


When Do You Make Time for Self Care without Guilt attached to it?


If you're like many mothers, including myself at one point in time or another, you do not make enough time for yourself. You have been taught that loving yourself first is "selfish." It's just not a priority. You're children come before anything you want, need and/or desire, right? How dare you do something special for yourself?




Surviving Mommy Guilt A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide

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